Our Products

We are a first generation, regenerative ranch located in the beautiful Grande Ronde Valley in northeastern Oregon. We are looking to provide exceptionally grown proteins from our farm to your home. We raise a diverse culture of animals all on pasture to help cultivate the land we call home, and provide the most natural product for you. Ranch Raised, Purely Pastured Proteins. We want to be your farm for Grass-fed Beef, Non-GMO, Pastured Poultry and Pork.


We raise an Angus cross on our 200+ acres. They are provided a life of pure luxury on demand! They patiently wait to be moved onto their fresh and lush salad bar every day! What vegetarian ruminant can resist such a thing! When the winter comes, they come down to the pastures closest to the barn to be provided warmth and a place to stay dry during the snowy cold months. All their feed is raised and cut on-site, a mixture of grass hays, triticale, alfalfa, peas and radishes, never sprayed and planted using no-till drill planters.

Only Whole Beef, Half Beef, and Ground Beef Shares Available at this time


Our grass-fed Katahdin/St. Croix lambs are raised on open green pastures and are moved as soon as they’ve eaten their full share of their fresh grass (sometimes every few days if the grasses are tall and abundant or every day if we need to make sure their food source can replenish itself). Sun, shade, and living the good life with their protector and friend Ayra the Anatolian Shepherd.

We are out of stock at this time, our next availability is January 2023.


Raised on pasture, green grass, and bugs with locally grown non-GMO plant-based grains. Moved twice daily in chicken tractors to provide fresh grass, bugs, and sunshine, while also providing them a spaciously clean, and healthy habitat. Poultry raised on pasture will have more omega-3 fatty acids in their skin than poultry fed exclusively grain. They provide a clean healthy protein for you and freshly fertilized fields for us!

Holiday Turkey

Pasture-raised outdoors on the grass and under the sun with their French Toulouse geese to help keep guard. Did you know pasture-raised poultry have been studied to have fat that will provide fat-soluble vitamins in abundance, which means your body can more readily absorb those nutrients? Plus, pasture-raised turkeys taste 100 times better than mass-produced in a warehouse (that is a strong personal opinion). We only raise a limited supply each year and they go quickly; you can ask to have your name on the list, and we will notify you upon open reservations beginning on Sept 15. when deposits will be due.


Our lovely laying hens are moved throughout the pasture as well- they come out of their mobile coop first thing in the morning and spend all day outside (except when they come in to lay) and only get placed back in their coop at night so they have a safe place to roost. They provide a beautiful variety of colored shells filled with rich flavorful eggs. Pasture-raised is better for the bird and better for YOU! And now we also have DUCK eggs!! Our 12 orchard pastured ducks hang out with 20 (and growing) fruit and nut trees to collect all the bugs, slugs, and snails to their heart’s desire.


Pasture-raised, where these pampered porkies can root into the earth, providing natural tillage for their area, and cool spots for them during the summer. They provide a healthy compost for the ground they occupy and are provided with open-air, movement, and fresh protein meals for their diets that are non-GMO, locally sourced, and naturally raised – just as they are! – to provide a healthier, happier, cleaner product of pork than what you’ll find in stores.

Check out what is left in stock. Once it runs out our supply will not be replenished until January 2023.


Shop our merch! Hats, T-shirts, Hoodies oh my! We’ve designed a fun line up of Pahlow Ranch apparel you can rock in style AND support a small family farm.

Lamb Hides

We attempt to utilize every part of the animal we raise and harvest as a show of respect for the bounty they have provided us and you. We use a local-to-us natural tannery to help create these stunning hides, which can be used as a small rug and an accent piece on couches or chairs. They also make amazing pet beds and help create a slice of texture to your room. As for beef hides, we are in the process of having leathers made to create leather projects of our own, as well as to provide an ethically raised product to local leather craftsmen and women.