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What does regenerative ranching mean?2023-01-14T04:25:03+00:00

We’re basically soil farmers. We are using natural and as-old-as-time methods of grazing our animals through an area to trim the blades of grass and provide the ground with essential nutrients (aka manure), which it can then absorb while it rests (means no animals are on it) and create more food for the living ecosystem in the soil – think worms and extremely tiny microorganisms which help keep the soil healthier, stronger, and ALIVE. When you farm regeneratively, you are regenerating soil and earth matter and helping to sequester more carbon in the soil (where it belongs) and less in the air.

Are your meat chickens really pasture raised if they are in tractors?2023-01-14T04:24:49+00:00

Yes, our tractors are open on the ground floor so they can do as a chicken naturally does: scratch and peck the ground looking for all sorts of goodies. They are also provided with shade on one half of the tractor and sun exposure on the other half. We utilize chicken tractors for a few reasons, with the biggest reason being predators. Living in a more rural area that is teeming with wildlife also means it comes with predators and prey. Most wild prey have a natural ability to go into flight mode and have a fighting chance. Meat chickens do not come with that same ability, unfortunately. In our vicinity we have aerial and land predators in all sizes that love chicken as much as we do; and after you have suffered the loss of raising them up only to lose nearly half in one 5-minute session of a pack of coyotes hunting, it seems prudent to make the choice to protect them. Chicken tractors also help with the ability to manage our chicken area a bit more. Meat chickens are not like laying hens, which like to travel more. They are more sedentary and perfectly content to move from the food and water and decide to take naps in between. They have more than enough space to all move around freely within their tractor and are provided fresh water changes three times a day, and their grain food twice a day. Because meat chickens poop a lot, A LOT, we move them once a day to give them fresh bedding and scratch area every day, until their final 1-2 weeks where they are moved morning and afternoon, which helps encourage them to move more and stay off their waste.

How can we get your products?2023-06-22T21:48:56+00:00

Well, you can check out our online store and see what we have available in stock. If you are local to the Union County, OR area, we make deliveries at least once a week. We also attend the La Grande Farmers Market every Saturday from May 21 through the third Saturday in October. One weekend a month during the market season we are also in the Portland, OR area and offer pick-ups while we’re there. A few times we make a trip down to Sonoma County, CA.

We can now ship to California, Washington, Idaho and Nevada.

Do you offer whole shares?2023-01-14T04:24:30+00:00

We do offer shares of our larger animals from time to time. If you’re interested in learning more, you can shoot us an email at info@pahlowranch.com or head over to the contact page and send us a message through the form. We offer Whole and half shares of our beef and pork when available, and whole shares only on our lamb.

Can we tour the farm?2023-01-14T04:24:18+00:00

We love to share with people what we are doing! If you are in the area and want to come by, call ahead and make an appointment; we do sometimes have to leave paradise here to shuffle kids to and from, make deliveries, and explore some fun off the ranch too!

What is your Refunds/Returns Policy?2023-06-09T04:40:27+00:00
Due to the nature of our products, we cannot offer any returns. While we do strive to provide ethically raised, clean, quality proteins, once the product leaves our farm/hands for safety reasons we cannot return the item for re-sale. Please understand, we are a small family farm, just the four of us doing everything we can to ensure a quality product. We pasture raise everything ourselves, feed everything ourselves, move everything ourselves, market for ourself, answer all your questions and still try spend quality time as a family all while attempting to raise our meats proudly. Because we raise our animals individually no two products are exactly the same, each animal is unique, and definitely not like what you can find in the store.

Shipped Items Policies – We do everything we can to ensure your package leaves here frozen and with enough dry ice to allow for your product to ship safely. Because it’s no longer in our hands we are at the mercy of the shipping company. To ensure the best product please be aware of your tracking number and be sure to track your shipment to know when to expect it; allowing someone to be home to receive it is the best policy. Due to unforeseen circumstances, sometimes packages can be late or if it’s extra hot where you are, there can sometimes be slight thawing along the edges. As long as the item is still frozen hard it is safe to place in your fridge if you’re planning to consume it sooner, or freezer. If for any reason your item shows up dethawed and warm, PLEASE let us know right away. We may ask for some images to share with our shipping carrier. In the case of thawed meat, please do not consume, we will do everything we can to offer a replacement order or store credit for a future purchase.

For Pick-Up and Local Delivery Items – Because we are selling raw materials, all sales are final. We cannot accept returns on any purchased items. We are licensed to sell meat and eggs as raw only. Once the item leaves our farm or ranch and into your hands, we are no longer in control of its quality therefore we do not offer refunds. Our meat is always frozen at peak freshness from our USDA processing facilities and are only sold frozen per FDA guidelines for small farms.  If you have questions or concerns please ask.

Please keep in mind, our beef and lamb are grass fed and finished; they are not commercially raised with grain at any time; therefore, their fat content is lower, they are leaner and their cooking times will vary from typical grain fed beef or lamb from the store. Our beef and lamb are best served rare to medium rare with room to rest; if you are new to cooking with grass fed and finished beef and lamb please don’t hesitate to ask for tips on how too prepare for your meal.
And, as always, please ensure you are cooking all products, whether it be beef, pork, lamb, poultry or eggs up to FDA guidelines to ensure a healthy and safe dining experience.
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