Regenerative Ranching

Regenerative Ranching

ranch raised, grass grazed, purely pastured proteins

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Pahlow Ranch

We are a first generation, regenerative ranch located in the beautiful Grande Ronde Valley in northeastern Oregon. We are looking to provide exceptionally grown proteins from our farm to your home. We raise a diverse culture of animals all on pasture to help cultivate the land we call home, and provide the most natural product for you. Ranch Raised, Grass Grazed, Purely Pastured Proteins.

What PeOple Are Saying

“We absolutely love the Pahlow farm and family. I highly recommend them to anyone. Not only are they providing excellent products but are exceptional people!”Your Content Goes Here

- Satisfied Customer

The Pahlows have been so generous in our community! We cooked a 30 lb turkey for thanksgiving, and tonight cooked a rotisserie chicken. BOTH were the best birds we have ever had. I will be a forever customer!!!!!!

- Teena Banducci

“Excellent Products! Will be doing business with them again!”

- Stacy Flynn

what we dO

Here on our ranch, we have chosen to work with 100% Grass Raised and Finished Angus-Cross cattle, Katahdin and St. Croix hair sheep breeds, Pastured Pork of all breeds, Cornish Cross Pastured Poultry, Broad Breasted White Turkeys, and a plethora of freely roaming laying hens, as well as Golden Layer Ducks who thrive in our growing fruit and nut orchard. All of our animals are on a rotational grazing system that helps fertilize our ground and provides them with a clean, open area for grazing nearly every day, with the exception of those snow-filled winter weeks, where they will be provided all the grass hay our non-tilled, and never sprayed fields have provided during peak growing seasons.

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